Full Day Melnik Crypt Tour All Inclusive

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Melnik Ossuary is the less well know sister ossuary of Kutna Hora in the city of Melnik, but is just as, if not more shocking, strange and foreboding than Kutna Hura and you won’t see any crowds of Japanese tourists here. On the Melnik Crypt tour we will take you on a trip to the town of Melnik by Czech public bus service and visit the Melnik Ossuary situated beneath the church of the Holy Saint Peter and Mary.

We will also visit the medieval underground labyrinth tunnels under the city of Melnik where prisoners where tortured and executed. You will see Melnik’s mysterious volcanic mounds where the river Elbe meets the Vlatava river. The price of the tour includes your bus ticket to the city of Melnik on Czech public transport and admission fees into the Melnik Crypt and church of Holy St. Peter. This is a city unseen by tourists. It is more intimate and obscure than Kutna Hora. Be the first to see the Melnik Ossuary.

The Melnik Tour is ALL INCLUSIVE and includes:

  • Tram tickets from you hotel and back
  • Bus ticket to Melnik City and back to Prague
  • Your Personal Guide
  • Entry tickets into the crypt and Holy St, Peter Church
  • Price of the tour 950 Kc
  • Duration: Approximately 6-8 hours (All Day)

To book your Melnik  Tour with Schloss Tegal, send us an email with the date you would like the tour at:   weirdczechia@gmail.com