First Vampire Graveyard Discovered in Czechia

Early in 1966 archeologist found what they believed to be a genuine vampire burial ground near the village of Celakovice, about 30 kilometers near Prague. Virtually a whole cemetery of vampire burials believed to date back to the 10th to 12th century. The vampire burial ground contained 14 graves in it when it was discovered in 1966. 13 were men and 3 had heads decapitated one with right leg cut off and the left was twisted up to his head. A few were buried with bound hands and some where laid down on their stomachs, others with stones in their mouths, and in one tomb was an actual stake in the heart. There is some controversy  between archeologist about the authenticity of this site being vampires. It could have been a burial ground for person who were tortured and executed. Torture or vampires, either way it a place of haunting reminder of death in Czechia.

Photos from the Vampire Burial Ground