The Strange Case of Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe was the first 16th century naked eye astronomer in the court of Rudolf the second in Prague. He is most noted for his work with Johannes Kepler who both studied the laws of motion and movement of the planets. There has been lots of speculation about Brahe’s death. It was thought that Brahe had died from a bladder rupture by being to polite to leave the dinner table at one of Rudolf the second’s dinner parties. Another theory was that he was poisoned by the metal nose containing copper and lead that Brahe wore after he lost his nose cut off by a sword  in a duel. Another theory was that he was deliberately poisoned by mercury by a member of the family. Brahe’s body was exhumed by scientists from the Tyn church in 2010 to put an end to the murder rumors about how he died. His tomb was opened and remains where tested to see how he died. Scientists took samples of his skull and remains and after many tests concluded that he died by natural causes.