Full Day Kutna Hora Tour All Inclusive

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Kutna Hora was Europe’s richest source for silver in the early 10th -13th century. It was so powerful that it was considered to be the capitol of Czechia instead of Prague. Kutna Hora has kept its medieval character and is one of the most significant UNESCO cities in Czechia with 316 buildings of cultural importance. On this full day walking tour we will take you on an exclusive tour of this breathtaking medieval dark city. We will show you the famous Ossuary at Sedlec, the church built by illuminati cultist and templar architect Santini, the gothic church of Barbora with visits to many different parts of the city never seen without a knowledgeable guide.

About the Tour

The Kutna Hora Tour is ALL INCLUSIVE so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the tour shoot photos and let your guide do the rest. We will meet you at your hotel and take you by train to the mining city of Kutna Hora and return you to your hotel.

The price of the tour is 1500 Kc and includes your own personal guide, tram tickets from your accommodation and back, train ticket to Kutna Hora and back, 3 entry tickets into the Bone Church Ossuary at Sedlec, The Church of the Assumption of our lady, and Church of St. Barbara, and one free beer at the end of the tour at a medieval pub.

The Kutna Hora ALL INCLUSIVE Tour includes:

  • Pick Up and Return to your Accommodation in Prague
  • Your Personal Guide
  • Tram Tickets
  • Train Ticket to Kutna Hora and back
  • 3 Entrance Tickets
  • 1 Free Beer at a medieval pub
  • Full Day Tour (8 hours)
  • Price 1500 Kc each person

To book your Kutna Hora Tour with Schloss Tegal, send us an email with the date you would like the tour at:   weirdczechia@gmail.com