The Cryptic Prague Tour

Weird Czechia Presents The Cryptic Prague Tour

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Photos from the Cryptic Prague Tour

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Prague is an old ancient medieval city shrouded in mythology, mystery, death, strange oddities and buried stories. We have researched all the strange obscure places and things in Prague and now present them to you as the definative tour to the most bizzare hidden places in Prague’s shadowy past. Not even Czech locals know of these obscure unexposed things and places that we will show you. This walking tour is approximately 3 hours and will take you to see the strange darker sights in Prague. You will see Prague’s masonic illuminati symbols, occult hidden symbolism, medical and scientific curiosities unrevealed until now. The Cryptic Prague Tour is the alternative tour for alternative people. This is the tour that Marilyn Manson or Nine in Nails would go on. We will take you threw the deep dark recesses and see things that are completely hidden until pointed out to you. You will never see these things alone without your Weird Czechia guide. One part of the tour is not for the squeemish. You will see shocking medical deformities, death masks, mummies, and bizarre freaky curiosities. You will see the room where the alchemists practiced their black arts. You will see natural and artificial mummification and paleo pathology.

Everything that we are showing you on this tour is REAL and not ficticious stories. Come join us for the weirdest tour in Czechia and take a bizarre look into Cryptic Prague.



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