What is Weird Czechia?

Weird Czechia is the first guided tour company in Prague dedicated to weird more obscure places and stranger things to see in Prague and surrounding Czechia (Czech Republic). Weird Czechia was founded by dark ambient industrial recording artist Schloss Tegal. After relocating to Prague many years ago Schloss Tegal traveled and documented all the dark and hidden places and things in Prague and surrounding Czechia. Now these places are available for you to see for yourself with Weird Czechia Tours. We will take you to see the dark side of Prague with our Cryptic Prague Tour and we will show you the unknown ossuary in Melnik that few people have ever seen before. We will show you things in Prague and surrounding Czechia that no one has seen before.

The Cryptic Prague Tour

The Cryptic Prague Tour will show you the most bizarre things in Prague. Weird Czechia has exclusive access to the weirdest and most shocking places to see in Prague that you will never see yourself or with any other tour. We will take you to strange locations in Prague unseen at all by “normal” tourist. You will see first hand medical curiosities and deformities and horrifying medical instruments used on patients in the early 1800’s. You will see paleo-pathology and see where Prague alchemists practiced their alchemy and much more. Some locations on this tour are not for the faint of heart. Tour leaves week days Monday – Friday  from the meeting point.

The Melnik Crypt Tour

Everyone has heard of the bone church in Sedlec Kutna Hora but few have ever seen the bone church crypt in the village of Melnik. It is the sister ossuary to Kuna Hora Sedec inaccessible until now. You will see the ancient city of Melnik and we will visit the crypt under the church of St. And then take a walk in the underground catacombs under the city itself. You will see the castle of Melnik and the church tower with dramatic views of Czechia’s ancient volcanoes. The tour goes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the meeting point.

Special limited seating day trips outside of Prague

As well as our tour of Prague and Melnik Crypt, We will be offering limited seating trips by van to various weird hidden locations in Czechia never seen before until now. These will be prepaid and by reservation only. To reserve your place and get announcements for these special limited seating tours please subscribe to our mailing list.

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