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Our Tours of Prague

Are you planning to visit Prague? Or, are you already in Prague? Are you a person who loves to see something different, incredible, esoteric, weird and obscure? We are offering two incredible alternative tours in Prague. The Kryptic Prague Tour (6 hours) and the Nekropolis “The Dead City” Tour.

 The Kryptic Prague Tour ® (6 Hours)

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Book the Kryptic Prague Tour with your special personal guide. On this alternative walking tour of Prague we will focus on Prague’s masonic illuminati house symbols and occult symbolism. You will see the strange religious practices of a medieval era. We will show you the places and things that are completely hidden until pointed out to you. You will see strange symbolism, alchemy, Baroque decaying art, christian shrines and reliquaries of the 17th century and beyond. The Kryptic Prague Tour is an esoteric hidden history of Prague’s medieval past. You will not see these places on any other tour of Prague.

To book your Cryptic Prague tour contact us at: weirdczechia@gmail.com

Nekropolis “The Dead City” Tour ® (3 Hours)

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Prague is home to the darkest oldest cemetery in Europe which originated during the black plague as a burial site for thousands of plague victims originally located miles from Prague to protect the city from the plague. Now it is a quiet dark city with beautiful photogenic tombs and ancient ruins which we call the “City of the Dead”. This 3 hour tour is a walk through the city of the dead with amazingly old statues, tombs and graves. There is nothing like this in the world and is a great place for photographers and taphophiles. We will take you on an esoteric informative tour through one of the most incredible places in Europe.

To book your Nekropolis “The Dead City” tour contact us at: weirdczechia@gmail.com


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